Shopping spree

festival-1539083_1280Well, I just spent a shit load of money on shit I don’t need. I swear, if Amazon wanted to sponsor me, that would be great because it would be the easiest fucking thing to advertise ever. ‘Go on there, buy some shit, buy some more shit, regret everything and wait excitedly for it to come.’ That’s what Amazon is all about!

I got clothes (not from Amazon) and hoses clamps today, a weird combination I know but I wanted clothes and wanted to try something out with the hose clamps, don’t even fucking think of the nasty shit you are thinking about! I do woodworking stuff as well as this you fucking animal!

So, that’s my shopping spree this morning. Shopping sprees are like drinking I swear, ‘I am never drinking again’, I’m not buying anything for the rest of the month.’ ‘Oh, look a pub, one won’t hurt’, ‘oh, a shiny thing, it must be mine!’

I am such a fucking child!


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