Radiate goodness

The feelings that we radiate do a lot for us, I think. If we radiate a feeling of hate then we will get hate back, if we radiate and spread love then we will receive love. If we are down, we bring others down, if we are up then we get arrested on a bus, or bring others up, it just depends on the situation, I guess.

Radiating the same feelings that you want life to give you is a good way to be happy, it works, it really does. This from a man who used to be depressed, moany, negative asshole, I know, I said I used to be, imagine what I was like then! Now, I am a chirpy, happy go lucky, asshole that radiates positivity, haha, no I don’t but I am a lot happier and the people around me are as well, I think.

celebrating-1297376_1280I think this is pretty common knowledge by now, if your preach hate, you get punched in the face, if you preach love, you get a hug. Who doesn’t like a hug? Unless it’s from a man with a massive bread who had been skating for 5 hours that one day and was sweaty and had bread sweat and stuff in his bread and when I landed a trick after an hour of trying it and he hugged me, you know who you are. Apart from on that occasion, I would take a hug every time, I enjoyed that one as well but this post needed a joke somewhere.

Improve word: Radiate


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