Dylan Rieder, SIP (Shred In Peace)

heartSo, cancer’s a cunt! Dylan Rieder, 28 died on Wednesday after a battle with leukemia. That fucking sucks! 28 years old, style for miles and a fucking cool dude, gone before his prime. Dylan fucking killed the skate game for so long and it’s such a shame to wake up to such shitty news.

Dylan developed a style of skateboarding that is still popular to this day, not many people can say that and whether you like the style he created or not, it’s a pretty fucking cool style of skating. He had huge pop, a deep bag of tricks, a load of white vests and enough black nail polish to make any goth jealous.

He will be remembered for a very long time, even if it’s just for swearing at Street League every time the camera was on him, I found that funny as fuck! Seriously, though, you skated with a style and grace that many have tried to copy but no one can do it as good as you did it.

He did it his way and the world either hated or loved him for it. Whatever your opinion of his skate style was, I think we can all agree that cancer is a fucking cunt! Thank you, Dylan Reider for killing the game and giving it something new, you will be missed! Shred In Peace!



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