Can we live in peace?

live-511556_1280I really have no idea whether the world will ever live in peace. I think that maybe there will always have to be bad shit in the world so that the good stuff shines brighter. If we lived at peace, the good stuff that happened would still shine a light on the bad stuff because otherwise, it wouldn’t be good stuff. Wow, that was a fucking confusing way of saying that!

I think that peace would be an amazing achievement but I don’t think it would happen. The world is run by people chasing money like dogs chase their tails, they have to have more and more money because, in their minds, that’s what makes them important. If we could teach a generation to treat peace like this then we would have some very strange wars indeed and we still wouldn’t be at peace.
earth-11008_1280The fact is that a greed for money will never make way for peace because the way these greedy people make money is never by a peaceful means. There are some people that make money in peaceful ways, me and you for example, by I assume that you aren’t reading this on your yacht and I certainly am not writing this on mine.

Peace is for the poor, me and you, peace is for the happy to be in the world with cool people people, peace isn’t for people in power. People in power don’t want peace, they want money and they will not let a stupid little thing like peace in our time get in their way of money.

Improv word: Peace.


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