The search for water

I have arrived at my destination, the beautiful town of Amizmiz, it is truly beautiful here. The bus ride went by in a flash with all of the valleys, hills, peaks and troughs to entertain you along the way, who needs anything else! The plastic seat on the bus did make me pretty numb but a walk around the town has sorted that out.

I am now beginning to feel the heat of the day that is only really just under way. The hotel I was due to stay at is currently closed, as is everything else in the town, this is my planning and getting places early for you! I must get some water quickly as the temperature is rising fast, I say I plan too much and yet a simple bottle of water dropped off the bottom of my list to save weight.

I say to hell with weight, I am not even sure my hotel will open, this being the last day of Ramadan, I will sleep on the streets if I must, I must explore this town some more, a new town in Morocco to me. I must also get on the quest for some water but the shade calls my name and I sit and wonder what will happen today.

You can find more about this story and plenty in my book (plug)


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