Leaving things unwritten

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAre there any stories that you have that should remain unwritten? Maybe they are too painful, too happy to share or too upsetting for you to get down in a way that is best for the content. I’m not sure that I have any stories like that. I know that there are some stories that would probably be easier to discuss rather than written about but I don’t think that there is anything I would be happy to stay unwritten.

I know I am not really a story teller, I am more of a write something random person so I am sure it’s different for those prepared to share their life story but I think that any story that leads you to where you are today should be shared so that you can be understood.

Many writers have made a career off of sharing all of the stories from their life that many would have left unwritten. I think many people find those stories more important and more interesting than any other story.

Sometimes the story that we leave unwritten is the story that needed to be told most of all!

Improv word: Unwritten


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