Change the world

earth-11008_1280I think too many people spend too much time thinking about ho they can change the world and not enough time thinking about how they can change their world. To change the world, you must change first then the world may follow suit.

I don’t want to change the world, I want to change my world. I want my life to better and I feel that while achieving this, I can make other people’s lives better along the way. Whether they connect to some of my writing or if I am the only person who smiled at them walking down the street one day, that smile might make all the difference.

If I am to make my life my version of happy, I understand it will take a lot of work but the very understanding of that means I am ready for the work, the fact that I know it won’t be handed to me on plate means I am ready to work like my life depends on it to become what I want to become.

Doing more for people without expecting something in return will also make me better at what I do, how I live, who I am and perhaps one day, I will be able to change the world.


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