Body perfect

My idea of the perfect body is one that is attached to the person that has the perfect brain. This brain should be clever, can have an argument and I mean a full on argument about a subject which it is passionate about and afterwards laugh and love. The brain should be fat, filled to the brim of ideas and thoughts that make that person unique. A brain which wants to read, learn and explore the world in every way possible. A brain that doesn’t want to fit in and never follows the crowd to every event.

I couldn’t give a fuck what the body attached to that brain looks like as that brain is the most beautiful thing of all. Attraction to someone’s brain and a passion-filled heart is greater than any attraction towards a body.

skeleton-1561177_1280A body is a vestal to carry you through life, once you are gone all that remains is the memories you created while you are here so why does it matter what you look like? Oh because society thinks it matters? Well, then society needs to get its priorities straight!

Instead of promoting skinny, fat or curves it should promote the same for the brain. You can look however you please that doesn’t bother me. But if you have the brain I’m searching for then watch out, I will be laying down some really stupid lines and dance moves to impress you!


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