The party pause

celebrating-1297376_1280Have you ever been at a party with a group of your friends, having the best time of your life and suddenly stopped, in the moment just paused, to take it all in? I have done that three times in my life. Just stopped for a few moments, almost stepping back from the situation and seeing it from the outside. I don’t know what made me stop, perhaps it was my brain wanting to take a photo of the scene to remember it better the day after.

In that moment, you basically pause time, you pause it because you want to see everything and everyone and enjoy the whole scene like you would staring at a painting. Sure, when you look at a painting you look at all the scenes within the painting that tells the story of each inch of the canvas, but you will always pause, take a step back and look at the entire artwork to get a view of everything at once.

Perhaps this is how our brain works, perhaps it has to take this moment of pause to see the whole picture, to see the artwork unfolding, to see the friends and the party as a whole. Perhaps this pause is something that we live for, a brief moment when time pauses and you see everything clearly. Or, perhaps I have been drunk every time this has happened and it’s my brain telling my to sober up.

Improv word: Pause.


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