Son or daughter?

kermit-1651499_1920If you could choose to have a son or daughter, which one would you choose? As a man, (haha, a boy with a beard) a daughter would be pretty cool because you’d get to have tea parties, have a little princess and all that awesome stuff that comes with having a daughter. With a son, you get to play armies again, wrestling and that cool shit. I know I am being totally sexist here, I know that girls and boys can do the same stuff, but I have an image in my head of having a tea party with my daughter that doesn’t exist so shut up about it.

Of course, with a daughter you’ll worry about them when they start dating, you’ll hope their safe and careful. With a son, you’ll hope that they are getting as much ass (male or female) as they possibly can. This isn’t sexist now, this is facts, no dad has ever wanted their daughter to be a slut, their son, well, that’s a different story.

In fact, the other thing that you really have to worry about with your son is that at some point they will be big enough to put you on your ass. One day, for all the dads out there, your son will kick your ass, (no idea why I’m using the America word for arse but I am) this is something you have to come to terms with.

So, son or daughter, you only get one, we’re running this shit like China, leave a comment with your choice and your reason why.

Improv word: Son


One thought on “Son or daughter?

  1. Obviously I would say one of each!! Lol. Or get your sister to have them so you get the fun without the worry 🙂
    Love both mine xxx


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