I announce…

vintage-1291644_1920YouTube announcements are always quite a funny thing, to me. How many of you have heard a YouTuber say at the start of video ‘stay tuned till the end of this video for a big announcement.’ It makes me feel like they think they are on TV, do they forget in that moment that we could very easily fast forward the video and find out what the announcement is?

I probably shouldn’t hate on people that do this because, if I could talk in front of a camera, I’d be just as bad. I guess a lot of people are now putting on shows on youtube anyway so I guess it does make sense. I have no idea, I’m just trying to use this word up!

I announce that I can no longer think of anything to use the word announce for and my brain hurts from thinking about this pissing word for so long. Can’t always have a good post that makes sense, I’m still waiting for one of my posts to make sense, thanks for waiting with me! Alright, I announce that I am done, I’ve used it enough, on to the next!

Improve word: announce. I would like to say sorry to your eyes for having to read this, you deserve some sort of prize if you made it to this point, I don’t have any prizes so just give yourself a highfive!


Thanks for the comment

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