Breezy days

meteorite-1060886_1920Those breezy days on the walk to work are some of the most depressing moments of your whole life. With a torrent of sideways rain that will soak to your core and the wind blowing away every piece of defence that you have for it. The only thing that makes those days a little brighter is seeing others suffering, not because it’s funny, which often times it is, but because we all like to know that we aren’t alone.

On those breezy, rainy days, we can see others struggle and it makes us feel better that we are not alone in our fight for a normal walk to work. It’s the same as when you read something about an odd habit someone has and you have it as well, you feel happy because you aren’t the only one that accidentally puts the milk in the cupboard with the cups in morning.

These breezy days allows us to stand together and not alone, it almost makes them worth getting out of bed for, it doesn’t, but it almost does.

Improv word: Breezy


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