The City Sleeps

scar-manI awoke at 1am this morning, after passing out due to walking miles and miles yesterday in the heat of the day in Marrakech. I was surprised to see so much activity outside, people were awake, washing, cleaning, conversing, watching TV, milling around. It was just like the day and the dark of the night was simply a curtain over the city.

After about an hour of this, all fell still. No sound was to be heard apart from the whirling of air conditioning units. This city sleeps for a matter of minutes throughout the night, during the day most are seeking a nice shady spot to watch the world go by from.

Marrakech is so provocative that even the locals must find a good spot to watch from, they must never miss a beat of the city and so they stare from the coolness of the shade as the world goes by them. They watch the fools, like me, walk by in the heat of the day trying to find the interesting things.

The locals never miss a thing, they will smile and wave at you as you go by but with one eye always fixed on the street because the view in Marrakech never lasts and they must not sleep so they can see everything the city has to offer.


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