Now I’m an achiever!

I have always been an underachiever, when I was at school, a lot of people believed that I could do well, apart from me, school was never really my thing. I was the person who wanted to know why I had to learn something and when someone said ‘because I’m the teacher, that’s why’, that stopped any learning from happening. I wanted to be excited about school and I was in some classes, I loved history but the teacher was a twat so that killed that, I loved English but books weren’t cool so that killed that.

Don’t worry, books are very fucking cool now, buy my book and find out (plug!!). My English teacher actually gets a mention in my book, she was a cool person who really tried hard to get me to achiever level. She basically gave me detention for a month at lunchtimes so that I would finish my coursework and actually get a grade. She was the first person who taught me that books could be cool and entertaining and I think she must have known that I would fall in love with them at some point because she knew my imagination. If you have an imagination and you pick up a book then that whole fucking world becomes alive, anything in the book is right in front of you and everything in the real world is gone, that’s why I don’t read and walk, I’d be dead in minutes.

Screenshot_2016-04-05-08-22-05_editedSo, I’ve never really achieved much in the schooling world, never really achieved much out of it either but maybe I will one day, for now, I’m happy with what I have; a bookcase full of books and head full of hangovers dreams!

Improv word: Achiever.


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