Ah shit, I should have said that instead!

brain-1294854_1280I have so many afterthoughts it is untrue! I guess we all do because we all miss certain opportunities to do something or say something in the moment and then hindsight comes in and calls us a dick. I think it is only natural, we aren’t all that quick at thinking, I certainly don’t think that quickly, my memory is also very short so my thoughts are not around for that long, I have a thought, have an afterthought about what I should have said and then it’s gone forever.

My thoughts for this article were just interrupted as well so now this whole fucking article is going to be an afterthought.

I think that an afterthought isn’t really healthy, don’t get me wrong, just because I don’t think it’s healthy, doesn’t mean that I won’t keep having them but thinking about something after it has happened is fucking pointless. Nothing you think about after an event is going to change the event itself. Whether the event was good or fucking awful, thinking about it afterwards won’t change it. If you act on the afterthought then it could make it a little better I suppose but it might make it worse.

No fucking idea where this is going anymore so I think I will leave it there, I will probably have something to add to it later but then that’s just the nature of an afterthought.

Improv word: Afterthought.


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