The world’s zoo is open for business

warning-1022371_1280It is weird to think that the most popular zoo in the world barely contains any animals at all. It used to but they quickly got replaced by humans. This zoo is free to get into to yet is nearly impossible to escape from. There are no locks, nor cages, yet everyone who enters is trapped. This zoo has no food stands or rides for children, in fact, it is one of the most unkind places for a child to be, I am, of course, talking about the zoo that is the internet.

The internet, if you think about, is a zoo. It is a place we go to watch people trapped in a box on a screen that they can’t escape from. They are forced to do tricks for us and the companies that pay them barely anything for the privilege of entertaining the masses. They can be put out of this misery at the flick of a button, no trigger needed. It used to be cats that did the pandering, now it’s humans who pander for our affection so they can live a life that can be taken away in the blink of an eye.

lion-617365_1280The world’s zoo even has sponsorship. For a few pounds or dollars a month, you can sponsor a person on the internet and keep their dream alive for a while longer. I wonder what happens to these people after they stop being entertaining. Are they place in a dark corner of the zoo where only seasoned visitors to the zoo can find them? Or are they taken out back and fed to the other animals?

The world’s zoo is now open for business, you are on it right now, staring in the face of an animal that is here to entertain, all the while, the lions lick their lips, waiting for the day they know is just around the corner.

Improv word: Zoo


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