That IT song

turntable-1337986_1280Eclectic is the word I’d use for my music taste or maybe it’s mismatched, I enjoy anything really. The feeling of a great artist’s music flowing through your ears and taking over your entire body is something that I don’t think you can explain, those songs just simply have IT. You can’t explain what IT is, all you know is that one or more of that artist’s songs has IT and you want more of IT.
IT is a feeling that you can’t describe, it’s that feeling that certain song just evokes. I guess it’s a feeling of passion, whether its anger, happiness or sadness it’s all passion. My IT songs will be different to yours and they should as they are personal and we probably wouldn’t understand why these are our IT songs, IT songs simply bring out your passions because of the passions bought out by the artist in the songs and the flow of the music, the words and the feelings they evoke and everything else they do, simply put, they have IT.

piano-1655558_1280As I’ve said, IT is hard to explain, it’s a feeling that brings out passion and doesn’t have anything to do with what’s in fashion. IT can be gained from our guilty pleasure band; we all have one, or can be gained from someone who is everyone’s favourite at that moment in time. The source almost doesn’t matter, once you feel IT, it’s going to go on repeat until everyone in your house hates you.

IT is an opinion on a song, it’s your opinion it’s not right or wrong, if a song has IT for you then feel the passion in the air and don’t care, right or wrong? It’s your song! Feel the words, feel the music through your body, falling to your feet and back up to your brain, feel everything that your IT song has to give and don’t be embarrassed by that feeling. That feeling is between you and those songs, your IT song, enjoy IT.


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