Brian Anderson is gay and the skate world couldn’t give a shit

20150402_191527For those of you who don’t know, Brain Anderson is a professional skateboarder that has been killing the game for fucking years. He is one of the very best skateboarders in the world and, like a fine wine, just keeping on getting better with age. Over the last week, a documentary has come out with Brain Anderson coming out and I think I speak for everyone in the skate world when I say, no one fucking cares.

No one cares about this skateboard legend being gay, we care about his skateboarding and his skateboarding is some of the best in the world. Whether you’re gay, straight, bi or have any other sexual leaning, we don’t care.

The reason we don’t care is because in a shit load of videos Brian hasn’t only proven that he is a great skateboarder but he has proven that he is a cool dude off the board as well. That’s all that matters to anyone in the skate world. If you’re a cool dude and a great skateboarder, legendary status may as well be given to you straight away. Lance Mountain, Geoff Rowley and AVE are some other names that have legendary status because they are fucking animals on their boards and seem like really cool people, I’ve never actually meet any of them so I can’t say they are, but they seem it.

I respect him for coming out to the world because it must have been hard for him to do that and I am really stoked for him that nobody cares. There were rumours going around for years, so much so that a little skate rat from a village in England heard them almost 10 years ago (that’s me). It didn’t change my opinion of him then and it doesn’t now. He’s a skateboarder and he’s gay and that is fine by me!

Screenshot_2016-04-05-08-22-05_editedThe skate world isn’t ignoring the fact that Mr Anderson is gay by the way, we just don’t care, it doesn’t change anything. We are a worldwide community that just wants to skate and we enjoy skating with everyone and anyone. It doesn’t matter what music you listen to, the colour of your skin or your sexual orientation, if you are a skateboarder, let’s fucking skate. It’s really that simple and that has been the skate world’s view of this news.
So, to finish, if you don’t know who Brain Anderson is then get on YouTube and go and watch the man skate, he is a fucking genius and will go down in history. Congrats on coming out Brain, now, can we have another video part, please?!


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