The young are getting comfortable

flag-1184117_1920I think it is fucking cool that the younger generations – fuck I’m old – are comfortable with all of the stuff that they are. Every kid is down with the LGBT community, for example, because they understand it a lot more than the older generations. This is because it is discussed more now, it isn’t something going on behind closed doors, it isn’t something that isn’t spoken about anymore and that is a good thing.

The very fact that we are talking about stuff like this, makes it more comfortable for everyone. It makes people coming out more comfortable and it makes everyone else comfortable when it comes to understanding people coming out. Now, I am sure I have said a lot of stupid shit already in this article that is making some people uncomfortable right now but understand, I am a fucking idiot in need of a good education. But the fact remains, people being comfortable with shit is a good thing!

I don’t mean shit like it’s shit, I mean shit like stuff, which is probably also offensive! Wow, this is fucking hard! Not hard in that way, hard as in difficult, fuck it, you know what I mean! If I offend anyone, there is a contact form on this blog so get in touch and put me straight, oh shit!

female-1510264_1920I do think that there isn’t ever going to be a time, in my lifetime, where everyone is comfortable with everything. People look up to older people and so their older values are always going to wash off on the younger people. But, when you young fucks grow up, you can rub your values onto the young and make this world a better place! That came out wrong!

Right, now I have offended many people, I think I shall leave this post here.

Improvise word: Comfortable: no fucking idea why my brain decided to come up with this topic to talk about comfortable, but it did!


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