Something about supermarkets, safe crackers and drawing

locks-332093_1280A 20-year veteran safecracker would tell you that many safes are easy to break into, would you believe them? A professional photographer, with 20 years experience, who specialises in kids photography would tell you that’s easy, would you believe them? We think of everything that doesn’t feel safe to us as really hard yet, with practice and time, it will get easier.

Just think about your own job for second, or the first job you ever had. let’s say that was a shelf stacker, you stacked shelves which isn’t exactly rocket science but you will have made mistakes. Each supermarket knows exactly where shit needs to go to make people buy it. The cheap stuff and mediumly priced stuff is on the bottom and the middle because women will see it and think it’s a good deal. The most expensive is higher up because men see it and think that, as it’s the most expensive, it must be the best, because men are fucking idiots! Now, your job just got harder, you have to remember that, you also have to remember the certain way they promote stuff on the end of the
aisle, I assume this the way around the world, I have no idea! Then, what about if you have to get a price ticket for the thing or there is a new thing, suddenly it isn’t just about stacking shelves at all, suddenly, it’s beginning to look a lot like rocket science.

egg-1316407_1280But here’s the thing, once you learn all of this new stuff as it comes up, your job gets easier, then some of you will get promoted and others won’t. Some of us never even try promotion because we feel too safe, this is fine, as long as you’re happy, it’s all good.

Things do become easier over time though and I think we forget this in our lives. One of the most common things you hear is ‘I wish I could draw’ when someone sees some really cool drawing but you can’t draw because you didn’t practise, yet you practise the other shit you’re good at so shut the fuck up moaning. Basically, I have no fucking idea what I’m saying but sometimes the safe option isn’t the best option and neither is moaning.

Improvise word: Safe. Completely lost it at the end there didn’t I!


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