Does being free make you happy?

live-511556_1280Being free is the only way to live – for me anyway, you probably might be different cos we are different people or are we??? Hmm, yea we are – I really think that the only way I can be happy is to be free. I really thought that this meant being completely free, up until very recently but now I understand that this isn’t necessarily the case. Freedom is all well and good but if you aren’t happy in your freedom, you might as well be locked in a fucking cage.

Being happy and free is a good way to live. We only have, let’s say, 80 years of life – I smoke so probably 70 for me – so for 70-80 years, all we have to do is be happy and this happiness gives us freedom, maybe. Being free is a concept that is different for everyone, some of us may think of being free as having a shit tonne of money and others may consider being free as doing the job they love. Both of these shitty examples are never going to make us really happy. They will for some of the time but not for all of the time.
Just think about a friendship you have with someone. Most of the time, our friends are cool and fun to be around, this makes us feel happy and free. Then sometimes, they are pieces of shit because everyone is a piece of shit every now and again. We forgive them these piece of shit moments because they are cool, most of the time.

frog-897418_1920This is what happiness and being free is – no fucking idea where this post is going anymore – being free means that there is certain shit you have to do. When there is certain shit you have to do, does that make you really free? I have to do taxes, otherwise, I certainly won’t be free, but that’s about a weeks worth of work once a year and then for the rest of that time I am free, or as close to free as I can be, does this freedom make me happy? – why are you asking yourself questions you piece of shit – for the most part yea sure but you do need other things to make you happy as well.

Basically, being free always comes with a price, you can be free for most of the time you’re alive but you are always going to have moments where you crave freedom and happiness. No one has ever been free and happy for their whole life but we should all strive to be free whenever we can be.

Improvise word: Free. That, my friends, was a ramble of the highest degree!


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