Where the fuck have you been?

I can not believe it is Thursday already, last weekend and this week have gone by in a blur! I have so much left to do but I had an awesome time at the weekend and this week so it is all good! I now have a cold because I am worn down after a busy few days, it should clear up, it might take me with me so I thought I would update this now just in case.

Last weekend was my sister’s wedding which was super fun. She looked alright (she looked fucking amazing but as I am her brother and I am meant to hate her, she looked alright) the day was really fun, got to see my nephew in a suit which is the cute fucking thing in the world and I got to see my sister and the love of her life tie the knot, so, congrats Lisa and Mike, you bunch of bastards!

So, that was one drunken night, the next day I went skateboarding which was really fun, landed some new tricks, landed some old ones and had a laugh with mates, the perfect days skateboarding. After that, I made my way to Nottingham to meet someone called Robyn, no bullshit, that’s what I did.

I was in Nottingham until Tuesday and got very drunk for most it which was cool, checked out some caves and some comic books, all in all, a good break away. It was on Tuesday that I started to feel run down and shitty and then when I got back home, a full blown cold was waiting to destroy me.

So, I still have all of this week’s work to do, while feeling like death. I have no idea how this week is going to end but hopefully, I will feel better. So, that is where the fuck I have been. Hopefully, I will start getting back on track or I will just die and that will be that. Hopefully, I’ll see ya soon, my head is full of goblins right now so this is the quality you are going to get for awhile.


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