meteorite-1060886_1920I was thinking about parenting earlier and just how insane it all is, especially now that people are having kids younger and younger, that might just be that I still feel like I am 22 and I’m not, I don’t know, just let me get this point out there before you start commenting about how old I am!

So, parenting is weird! Basically, just after you have grown up enough to look after yourself for an entire week without killing yourself, it is decided that that would be the perfect time to bring another life into the world. Right at that moment, when you can finally live your life without constant supervision from someone older than you, that’s when society deems you ready to have kids.

So basically, you go from your parents stopping you killing yourself constantly to having something that you need to keep alive! Your sole purpose as a parent – I don’t give a shit what your parenting books say – your sole purpose as a parent is to keep that child alive long enough for them to have a kid and we think that the perfect time for people to start doing this is just after their parents have stopped doing it for them! Are we fucking crazy? What training do we have? We have gone through life up until that point with people throwing themselves on grenades for us and then we just have to start doing it for someone else right away!

The legal age for parenting should be 45!


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