My level of happiness

I have realised recently that my life is neither happy or depressed, it is somewhere in between. I live constantly in between these levels which I think we all do. There is nothing wrong with this level at all when you really think about it. It means that you aren’t constantly pissing people off because the sun is out and you aren’t constantly depressing everyone because the sun is out.

shield-1519642_1920I figured this out earlier, it dawned on me because I have never been on a walk based on my feelings. I have never gone for a walk because I was so happy that wanted to smell some flowers and I have never walked aimlessly around waiting for someone to kill me or to stumble upon a bridge. I go on a walk when I need to go to a shop or when I realise I haven’t left my house for 2 weeks and people might think I am dead.

This level of happiness and depression is fine! Think about it, if happiness is as colourful as The Wizard Of Oz on acid and depression is some black and white film, my level, our level, is that Instagram filter that allows a little bit of colour to come through, you know the one, looks like stuff does on a cloudy morning! What is wrong with that?


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