Trying to Live

With this dream of living in the wild world in my head, my life in the normal world feels strange. Nothing matters as it did before, yet some things matter more. Like true friends, the kind of friends that never die, they simply become legends.

I fear the pull of my normal, boring old life shall, at some point, drag me kicking and screaming back and I shall have to leave my solitude and exploration and deal with my normal life once more. I will have to do things that are not important, however, they are necessary which makes them important in some ways.

I had only told 3 or so people of this trip and my plan and yet, as is so often the case, words meant for the few, quickly spread and so everyone knows the plans, the dreams and the actions of the people they don’t even know.

News has come back to me that someone out there in the world, who doesn’t know me, seems to think I shall fail, this from a person who hasn’t tried anything in life, if I fail then at least I tried, trying to live isn’t failing when I am still living to try.

People think a word from them shall break your spirit and make you live a life like theirs. A life that means you are living through others and that makes you believe that you have some sort of control of others and the outside when, ultimately, the only thing any of us have any control over is our life, we can do anything if we stop listening to people saying we can’t because they can’t.


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