Getting a kick up the ass! Or arse, cos that’s how we spell it!

You know when you are caught in a rut – I’m caught in a rut, I can’t walk out, because I’m lazy too much baby- wow, where did that come from! Anyway, I have been caught in a rut for a while now, I am sure that you will know this from the quality of the content I have been putting on here. But over the last few days, I have been doing a lot better, hopefully, the quality of the content on here reflects this or we are all screwed!

I think it is because of hearing how hard other people work to get their money. People work fucking hard to get their money and now I want to as well! I need to work fucking hard to make this a success and be happy, I am already happy but maybe we should think of happiness like greedy people think of money, you can never have too much.

Screenshot_2016-04-05-08-22-05_editedSo, my plan for kicking ass after I have been kicked up the ass is to work harder, longer hours and stuff, earn more and do more. Oh, and have a smile on face. In short, I am going to be happy and successful because that is what I want to do!

Anyway, good morning! Let’s fucking kill it today!


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