Being creative started when we were young and stopped when we grew up.

live-511556_1280We were all once creative, what stopped us continuing to be so? Money, growing up, the boringness of adulthood? What stopped you, the thought of starting a family and getting a job and settling down?

A child’s mind is full of creativity and if we could harness that now we are older we would be unstoppable, every situation would be one we could get out of, think about yourself as a child and the stupid situations you found yourself in, stuck up a tree in fear of calling your mum in case you got in trouble, drawing on the wall because you had to get your idea upon something before it vanished, not knowing what you were doing was considered ‘wrong’, it wasn’t wrong, exploring your mind as a child is how you grow and so to stop exploring it as an adult is doing yourself an injustice, we, as children are more creative and more powerful because we don’t know what money is, before we know that we need money, when money is something your granny gives you when your mum isn’t looking to buy sweets with.

one-way-street-1113973_1920Does this mean then that children are richer than us as adults? Being able to explore their brains without a meaning and being able to have anything they want because their brains give them the option of imagination, being able to turn a cardboard box into anything they see fit and never once stopping to think about the money needed in the situation.
If every child has a phone now it is not that that’s stopping them being creative at all as the internet, as bad a place it may seem to be, can enhance creativity to a point which has, up until now, been unheard of. The thing that stops the creativity is the restrictions put upon that child when it is told of the money that phone cost and that it must not be dropped or handled without care, if Steve Jobs was told this would iPhones have gorilla glass in them?

I remember carrying £15 pounds around with me for about 2 years as a child; it was a birthday present from someone, thinking of how rich I was, because at the time I was, I had £15! Then I went to car boot sale and bought the most amount of crap I could possibly have bought and the money was gone, money well spent I think we can all agree. At the time I didn’t know how important money was to become to me and that before we can have something we covet nowadays we need money, back then money was just like those tickets you get at arcades, worthless to any child in a supermarket but the most power thing to find sticking out of a machine.

shield-1519642_1920Money and the ‘value’ of it doesn’t belong anywhere near kids, they will learn the value of it one day and they will make mistakes with it just as we have all done. But I think that if they want to paint or pencils but they have created a masterpiece upon the kitchen wall before and you don’t feel they deserve it, forget the money you spent painting the wall again and the fear of losing your deposit of your rented house, think of the loss of a child creativity and think back to when you lost yours.

As adults we can either try and find our childish creativity again or, we can give a child everything it needs to enhance its creativity. There are of course many more options but these should be the only ones available.


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