The Road

I have no idea where the road I am on will lead, I guess that’s why I’m on it, if I knew it would be a bit boring, wouldn’t it? This road may have a dead end but I can’t see it yet, I must continue on until I reach the end, this road is not my life, this road is the road of my dreams.

A road built just for me that many want to be on but I must not give my spot up, I must keep walking, learning as I go, never deviating from my dream road and I must work hard, picking up knowledge along the way and storing it in my pack and if the pack on my back ever becomes too heavy and I fall to my knees, I must stand back up and take another step and another, until I finally reach the open highway.

Never once shall I take a lift or thumb a ride, I must plod along at my own pace, to the beat of my own drum and finally, as I go along, I shall see that the road never ends. I will fall to my knee once more, wipe the sweat from my brow and smile then continue to walk my everlasting road now knowing that the road to my dreams and my road of life, has always been the same road.


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