Black history month

I had a thought this morning that I thought I would share to get your opinion on, this is basically what this blog is all about. The thought was about black history month and just how fucking racist it is. I know this has come up before, most notably it was brought up by Samuel L motherfucking Jackson when he asked a white interviewer when white history month was, in response to some dumb question about black history month.

The reason it is racist, and it is, is for the exact reason that Mr. Jackson alluded to, it’s racist because it is only a month of the year, meaning whoever came up with the idea, probably some white folk, didn’t think that black people had much to offer the world in terms of history. Well, that’s probably true seeing how white folk destroyed most of their history when we started going over to Africa and pushing them around, but there is bags of cool shit that black people have done.

Firstly, there is strong evidence to suggest that the richest person ever was black and he nearly destroyed the economy of the day by handing out his gold on his journey to mecca. Perhaps in a world run by greedy white folk, they don’t want us knowing that the richest man in the world was black and fucking cool. They were also some of the most powerful people in the world for thousands of years, the pharaohs  of Egypt weren’t those tanned people we see in films, after all, a large portion of them were black. Then, of course, you have people like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, people who changed the fucking world! Nelson Mandala changed a country and changed the world while he did it, if his life isn’t being taught in classrooms then something is fucking wrong!

So, why is all of this amazing history given just a month of the year to be discussed? It is my opinion that it should be taught in schools throughout the year! It is my opinion that it should be taught alongside white folk history but then that probably won’t happen will it? If that happened, perhaps we would start to see the world very differently!

I would love to hear your opinions on this topic and you want to learn to more about black history then watch this video, this is Akala, a Grime artist and fucking clever bloke, giving some food for thought in his Address at Oxford Uni.


2 thoughts on “Black history month

  1. I agree. Slavery and Black History is watered down in schools. When learning about the slave trade my third grade teacher made the entire class lay on the floor for an entire hour and said, “This is what it was like being on a slave boat, only it wasn’t for an hour it was for days, weeks, months even, and if you had to use the bathroom then you just went.” 14 years later and I still remember her exact words.

    None of these kids know about Claudette Colvin (the first female to not give her seat up in the bus), or how Thomas Jefferson wasn’t so keen on Toussaint Louverture starting a rebellion and sent money and supplies to French troops because he did not want a slave uproar in the U.S, or when Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I Fear I May Have Integrated My People Into a Burning House”.

    Schools teach MLK Jr – A black man who protested non violent, Malcolm X – A black man who protested but was violence, and Rosa Parks the woman who was the first (not really) woman to give up her seat on the bus. It’s like schools lump blacks into two categories, the violent and non violent. The U.S. teaches a very watered down version of history.

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    1. I think many countries are the same (I might be wrong in this) I learnt a lot about the World Wars in school but only things that reflected Britain in a good light. Perhaps that is whole purpose of learning the things we are taught, I could be wrong.

      Thank you for your comment, you just taught me more about black history than I learnt in school!


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