live-511556_1280I have been speaking about travelling with a friend today and now all I can think of is grabbing my bag, packing some stuff and getting out into the world. I would love to know how many people have actually done that. You know, the scene in a movie where they walk out of everything they have ever known and go and fucking live! If you have, leave a comment and tell us your story!

Getting away is really in my head now, I really want to do it and maybe I will The fact that I said maybe just then made some people
close this post down, they know what maybe means and so do I. Maybe means that I won’t be doing it soon.

Unfortunately, I need to get shit going with all of this writing stuff before I can travel but after I do that, the world is mine. I can go anyway and do anything, while I work. I can sip a cocktail on the beach while I struggle to write the next article on my to do list.


I think that imagine will help me wait a little while longer before I get to escape into the world, but I might have to take one or two small trips before that, I’m only fucking human and if you’ve read my book then you know I fucking hate waiting!


Thanks for the comment

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