Key to the lock

I learn something new every day, whether it’s about myself, someone else, a moment in history, a company, a product or a group. I learn, I live to learn because learning is the key to the lock that keep you from your future, in my opinion.

The gate may change and sometimes it may feel like a brick wall but the key to the lock stays the same. No one has ever created a master key for these locks, unlocking them takes time and patience but doing something every single day to allow you to one day unlock the first one is what’s important.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you or how many no’s you get from the locksmiths. You don’t need a locksmith for this lock you are the locksmith and learning will allow you to form a key and cope with what’s on the other side of the gate. Don’t be afraid to peer through the gate once in a while, but don’t get stuck looking at the view, come back and work on the key.


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