coins-1015125_1920I found the photo on the right on a stock photo website, As I am sure you are aware, a lot of the photos on my blog are stock photos. I searched for “living” for the earlier post and I was surprised to find this image.

This image doesn’t suggest life to be but it does suggest a massive fucking commitment! How long do you think it must have taken to do that! balancing a spoon, some money and a potato on the edge of a calculator, would not be easy! Also, it suggests that it is in an office, why on earth would someone have a potato in an office? My guess is to create this photo so they had to plan this the night before!

After all of that planning and balancing, they then had to set up a tripod and a camera (they probably did this before hand) and keep still long enough to take this photo, it is the most pointless photo ever but it is so impressive! Anyway, I was so impressed with the dedication that went into this photo that I thought it was worth a share. I hope you are equally impressed.


Thanks for the comment

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