Travelling to Marrakech? Here’s a tip about the beggars.

Begging in Marrakech is rife, avoiding beggars is hard but it can be done. This may sound harsh, however, if you give to one poor soul then expect to be inundated with requests until you get back to your hotel. Since I arrived for my third trip here, I have perfected a technique that keeps the beggars at bay and it’s all in the flick of the wrist.

I’m not talking punching them here, just simply waving them off. Don’t speak don’t even look at them, just motion no and that’s all they need to know and they shall continue about their day.

The need to perfect this technique was important to me as last time I was here I had an encounter they speak of in the tourist books. I was followed down the street, hand on shoulder, until I nearly decked the kid. I was nervous and scared and felt numb I have bad social anxiety sometimes so someone that close is never nice.

I have spoken about that experience on here before and if you are worried about that sort of thing then the technique above works. I know that it is nice but most people begging in Marrakech are just as wealthy as you are and it is hard to stop the people that would actually benefit from your money, I suppose that is the same way every where though.


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