Weekend adventures and rabbits!

celebrating-1297376_1280Well, that is all from me this week, well apart from this and anything else I come up with later on. Thank you for reading my blog this week and for anyone who has taken the time to read my book, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I have no idea what the weekend holds for me at the moment, I have to feed rabbits for a friend who is living the dream on a sunbed somewhere but other than that, the weather might keep me inside for most of it. I may just go and explore a museum if that happens cos fuck staying in all weekend, might as well learn something about pirates or Vikings. Anyone know of any pirate or Viking museums?

If I get to skate, read rabbits and learn about fucking pirates or Vikings this weekend I will have had the most productive weekend of my life! May your weekend be filled with as much drinking as a Viking feast.That’s all folks!!

Get it? Cos of the rabbits! Get it? Ah, have a good weekend!


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