Life’s Road

one-way-street-1113973_1920New directions are hard to find, they can not be plucked out of the air and they take courage to take when they find you. The metaphor of life being a road is one that makes a lot of sense. Life is a journey with a shit lot of stuff along the way to stop off at, get some knowledge and then get back on the road again.

If we imagine this road as straight, but not like desert straight more a straight road through a valley or a forest, then it is easy to get lost on the road, even though it is straight. This is also why you can’t see the changes of direction because the trees block all signs of them until it is too late and you can’t turn round, so, what can you do?

Well, I guess all you can do is keep moving forward and keep your eyes peeled for that next change of direction way-865298_1920if you want one at all. I think that change is healthy, there is no point driving from A to B on life’s road without stopping and exploring or changing courses every so often. Driving from A to B is easy, everyone can do that but do you have the courage to take the turning when it comes up? Knowing that B is always going to happen anyway, you might as well, you don’t have anything to lose, apart from what B will take from you in the end anyway.


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