The gates of the world

Earlier a gate was closed by the wind, it didn’t slam it simply moved about 2 inches, made no noise at all and I reacted like fucking a gun had just gone off right by my head! I don’t know what came over me! I know I have a touch of social anxiety every now and then but that is fucking ridiculous!

I’m not bragging but I have a gate at home, a wooden one that a friend put up that is hard to close as we were quite drunk at that stage of the renovations to my garden. I don’t shit myself when the wind closes that and yet this bloody foreign gate coming over here taking all our gates gating duties made me believe I was in downtown Baghdad! That was gateist, I am actually in its country and I should respect it, it is doing a great job at keeping people out, it made me shit myself just by walking too close to it!

I need to learn to relax otherwise I’ll be a crazy man wielding an axe turning every gate I see into firewood, gates of the world, you need to chill the fuck out too, I just having a fucking walk, chill out!


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