Remembering the changes in your life.

brain-1294854_1280How long have you been writing for? How long have you been woodworking for? How long have you been skateboarding for? All questions I should know the answers to, in fact, I should be one of the very few people that know the answer to all of the questions above, yet I have no fucking idea.

I say I have I have been skating for 16 years and I think this is true but it is only a guess, same as 6 years (writing) and about a year (woodworking). I truly haven’t a clue how  long I have been doing stuff, I just do it and then get asked stuff about it, like I should know stuff about myself!

I think that people’s calendars are far more organised than mine, I don’t even own a calendar! Maybe other people can take their minds back to the day they first started doing something and recall it like it was yesterday. I barely remember yesterday, I know I chased rabbits around a garden for an hour or so but that’s about it.

How do people remember this sort of stuff? This stuff should be in my brain because I suppose it is important. Two hobbies I love and a career that I love as well. Yet it isn’t, I can’t tell you when I first picked up a skateboard and thought ‘this is me until I can’t walk’ or thought ‘yeah, this writing shit will stop me wanting to kill myself every day’. I have no fucking idea when, why, where or how and I think other people are either amazingly gifted or they are just making shit up!

Let me know what you think in the comments cos apparently, that’s the cool thing to do.


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