Guard down

I really need to let my guard down more, I need to show the real me and stop telling others to do something I am not prepared to do myself. There have been many posts on this topic on this blog recently, letting go of society’s labels, living your dream and all that sort of stuff. I do truly believe everything that I have written but I also believe that I am not doing this myself, I am not the real me in most of these posts, the only place you will find the true me in is my a book, a true idiot going through the world not knowing where he is going to end up.

Yes, that is a plug for my book and no I am not going to say sorry about that. I am really proud of my book and of myself for writing it. I never thought I would be able to write anything of that length that is as engaging and fun as I hope that is. I truly hope that someone finds that book and enjoys it, that’s all I want out of it, anything else would be a bonus.

Anyway, I have to let my guard down more, show the real me, but does anyone really know their true self? Is it all just smoke and mirrors at this point? The same defence systems that allowed us to survive school are perhaps keeping us afloat right now.


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