A day in the life of a traveller

I really only came out today to fill up my bag with groceries to carry on my poor existence of a traveller for another few days and now I am drunk. How the fuck did that happen? A simple task taken to the extreme but I am having  fun so why should I care?

I should be happy that the world has treated me so well and that I am living a dream that most people don’t get to live. My next adventure shall be filled with days like this, once i learn to relax more and have fun more rather than putting pressure on myself, locking myself away for the day to complete that all important writing task that can wait. But can it, can anything wait?

Yes, it can you drunk fuck! Chill out.

I have just edited all of the mistakes out of this and I can tell you honestly, I was very fucking drunk when I wrote this, so drunk, I have no idea when or where I wrote it!


Thanks for the comment

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