Living by your society label

brain-1294854_1280Living by your society label is a weird concept to me. I think it is because I don’t think that I have a label, I am sure I probably do but I haven’t really looked into it perhaps it is skateboarder or hipster, probably hipster. I also think that you lot probably all know the labels that society gives everyone so I won’t be talking about them too much, instead I would like to focus on why some people live by their label.

A society label, I think, is something that society deems you to be, an example of this is the label gay. This label means that society has deemed you gay, most likely because you are, however, it isn’t a label that should control your life. Being gay shouldn’t mean that you have to live by that label and be known simply by that. Any gay people out there will be aware that there is a lot more to them than simply being gay.

It is these labels that what’s are wrong with society, a label that means nothing, shouldn’t mean everything to some. It should honestly mean nothing, they shouldn’t even exist, but, of course, they do. They exist because society likes to break us into little pockets of people, pockets of people that stand together and stand alone all at the same time.

When I was at school, it was grebos, skaters, townies (chavs), geeks, popular and probably more that I can’t think of right now. These pockets never moved, they all had their place on the playground and never moved from that place. New kids would join the school and by the end of the first day, find their pocket or create a new one.

This is exactly what society does, society is still the playground, it creates pockets for everyone so everyone knows their place and no one moves from it. However, I think that this changing and do hope I am right. Pockets of society breed hate because each pocket lacks the knowledge of the others, knowledge of other pockets leads to pockets merging and growing a better society.

skeleton-1561177_1280I think that the internet is slowly but surely breaking down the walls that society puts up and maybe one day, there will be no pockets at all. Maybe one day, it will simply be everyone together with a few outsiders breeding
hate, hate, I fear, will always be there because some pockets of society lack the knowledge or the desire to learn to change their opinion.


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