Some more drunk ramblings

You know, one day we shall be dead and all we will have is the earth that surrounds our wooden coffins to show off about, all of our health and wealth will be gone, so I may as well be drunk right now.

I live a fairly healthy life and a fairly boring one because of it, now that I think of it. So when the opportunity for doing something fun and not sitting at home feeling the pressure of work comes around, I have to take it and be happy and carefree for a change.

Beer is not always the answer but honestly, I can’t remember the question at the moment!

Some more drunk ramblings that I just found on my phone, no idea what they mean, perhaps I am trying to justify being drunk, I don’t know. You know what they say, write drunk, edit sober!

To find out more about my adventures in Marrakesh last year, you can read my ebook, it’s filled with adventures that only an idiot can have.


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