Morning in the city, it’s like midday in the country.

The only sound at 4:30am in the morning here is the birds, they dance and sing as the new day begins and silence has fallen on the city just for a moment, just for it to catch its breath and then the madness shall begin again.

The city madness that a village gave birth to, a village raised from the boring ashes, village people, like myself, are not used this madness but this is the madness I have chosen to explore and now I long for more, I must explore this city until there nothing left to see for the city now controls me.

I wrote this while exploring Marrakesh, I know this because it was on my phone so I was most likely in some form of bar at that point, which is probably no surprise! To find out more about my adventures in Marrakesh last year, you can read my ebook, it’s filled with adventures that only an idiot can have.


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