Exploring the people not the city

I don’t want to know any more about this city, I know enough about it already. What I know I love and that is enough for me. Now, I want to know about the people, where they live, what they do, how they feel, everything.

Maybe it’s because I am alone here and want some company or maybe it’s because they have intrigued me for so long that not knowing is not good enough anymore. Every day I go out I talk to the people, I shake hands and simply chat about whatever they want to chat about.

Most of the people I meet here have something to sell and no time for people who don’t want it, I will find someone to converse with before I leave, I have to, otherwise I may go a little insane!

Another piece from last year, I am just having a look back through some of my old stuff, I hope you are enjoying this trip down memory lane. To find out more about my adventures in Marrakesh last year, you can read my ebook, it’s filled with adventures that only an idiot can have.


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