After a few restful hours, the streets of Marrakesh are, once again, alive, the reborn city streets have come back from the dead of night and are flourishing in the early morning sunlight. The city never has to be patient for it knows that once the night owls lay their weary heads down on their pillows, the early birds shall wake and catch the worms.

The early birds like me, however, are just simply outsiders, coming to watch a culture that I have never watched in my own country because I am young in years but old in the mind and believe my country to be boring, yet I know that every country has these amazing people living and loving in it so I must explore more when I return home.

I must see the free in order to be free, otherwise, I will be jaded forever more.

To find out more about my adventures in Marrakesh last year, you can read my ebook, it’s filled with adventures that only an idiot can have.


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