A ramble about Flossie Rambles

Hello everyone, a good friend of mine has just started a blog and this is a plug for that blog! Now, there is a lot of piss taking on this blog, mostly directed at myself because I am a great target for piss taking, not bragging or anything. If you are expecting some piss taking here then I am afraid you’ll have to wait for my posts later on. Here, we are going to spread the word about a cool new blog.

Flossie Rambles is all about a young woman’s journey, as she leaves the mental health world having been there for 20 years. It is time for her to start a new journey and have some cool adventures along the way. The blog is very young, only started about an hour ago, so get your arse over there now and follow this courageous young woman on a journey that will change her life and most likely yours.

I can promise two things from Flossie Rambles:

  1. Awesome photos, Flossie is an amazing photographer who has a wonderful eye to make anywhere look cool! I highly doubt she will use any stock photos, like a certain idiot on here!
  2. You are going to moved and motivated. Her story is real to the point that you won’t think it is. She has battled through a lot and is stronger than most of us on here. She will get motivated to carry on because once you know her story, all your shit will seem like a walk in the park

So, do yourself a favour and go and follow Flossie, she is cool and has an amazing story to tell! Go show her some love and support she deserves it!


Thanks for the comment

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