My drunken night at war

Last night, a friend and I had a few beers and then things took a turn for the worse. We started at mine but the night certainly didn’t finish in the safety of my home. It would appear that we had far more than a few beers because, with almost blackout precision, we ended up in the middle of a city.

Some of you may already know that I live in a small town so being in any city is always a special little gift of busyness and fucking annoyance. This city, however, was unlike any other city I have seen before. When I awoke out of my blackout, I was surrounded by crumbling buildings that had been lived in but not for some time. Across the street was a children’s playground that hadn’t seen laughter or a gardener for some time. The kids had been replaced in their play by vines and flowers growing through the soft ground and all over the play equipment. I had no idea where I was and there was a sense of calm in the air, at least at first.

After taking in the dying environment surrounding us, I suddenly realised I was holding a gun. Had I created this dead city? Or had I stumbled across the gun on my journey to this city? I had no idea, I decided that I should explore the city for further clues. I begin roaming around, looking in houses, shops and bedrooms to find out where I was and what was happening.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud bang outside, the sound disturbed the silence enough to wake everyone in the city. Suddenly, everyone in the town that had survived this terror began shooting each other. I ran for cover, crouching in the corner because it was fucking scary. I was holding my gun, my glance moving from the door to gun and back again, knowing that if someone entered, I would have no choice but to kill them. I have never killed anyone before, or perhaps in my drunken blackout, I had killed everyone in this town and the remaining people are trying to put a stop to my evil.

The sounds of gunshots and bombs began to move away from my stronghold of a long gone child’s bedroom, after a few minutes, I dared look out the window, I pulled myself up and peered out at what looked like hell. I thought I was being careful, I thought it was all a dream, then a sniper shot my head off my shoulders.

5 seconds after my head had been shot off I came back to life, in the same place I had awoken after my blackout. Turns out, I was still at home and I was fucking drunk, my mate and I were playing Call of Duty!


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