The colourful world and its amazing people.

earth-11008_1280I would like to thank the people who have come into my life and taught me to see the world in the most beautiful colour. For a long time, I saw the world in black and white, never knew what I wanted to do and how to find out, these people have taught me a lesson that they probably didn’t even know they knew themselves.

They taught me that the world is full of beauty and amazing people that want nothing more but to live. The world is never as simple as black and white and we must learn this to move forward, some of us may learn this on our own but others, like me, will have some wonderful people step through their life and teach them this lesson.

You may not always see eye to eye with these people on their ideals and ideas, but at some point in time, the idea will click in your own brain and soon you will realise they planted the seed and you grew the idea, any great ideas must come from within you, however, no one has ever said that someone else can’t plant the seed.

Once the realisation occurs, you will know that you hold the world in your hands, to explore, to love, to search, to find, it is ours to do as we please with as long as we love it. We share this world with amazing people and some people that are still seeing the world in black and white and so once that seed grows you must harvest the seeds from your freedom plant and plant the seed in others and wait to see them across the world somewhere.

Screenshot_2016-04-05-08-22-05_editedTo the people in my life who gave me the colour to see by planting this seed I say thank you, without you, I wouldn’t have just bored these people with words that make no sense, without you I wouldn’t be free, without you, I wouldn’t be me.


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