Morning motivation: tips for getting motivated

It is a beautiful start to the day here in some undisclosed location in England. Today I need to seriously get a fucking move on to get everything done that I need to do this week. So, I thought I would I would give you some help while I try and help myself at the same time. You see, it’s like a I help you and I help myself situation, it makes me feel less selfish and also gives me a bit of time to prepare for the onslaught of today.

So, let’s get motivated this morning with some stupid tips that are designed to mainly annoy people that thought this was a serious post, oh, you must be new here, hi!

  1. vintage-1291644_1920Have a race, I am currently racing my washing machine and tumble dryer. I have to do washing today, I know, I am so domestic! I thought I would race the washing process by seeing how many articles I can get done during the washing cycle.
  2. Lighten the fuck up! When life is stressing you the fuck out, just smile because it isn’t the end of the world. If it is indeed the end of the world then you might as well smile anyway because there isn’t much you can do by stressing about it.
  3. Blow it off and do something else. Yes, that’s right. Fuck it all and do something else. When the first two “tips” don’t work, just go and get drunk or something, after all, you’ve earnt it! Sort of, no you haven’t at all, back to work dickhead!

Well, I hope these tips helped you get motivated this morning. If you expected anything more from this post then I suspect that you are missing the point. Only you can motivate yourself to do the shit you need to do.

skeleton-1561177_1280Just remember, if an idiot like me can live their dream then I am sure you can as well! That should be enough motivation right there! Now, back to work dickhead, do something impossible today because the beer at the end
of the day always tastes better when you do.


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