Day in the life 30: Writing and washing

day in the lifeWell, I have finished all of my work for the week in record time! The post I posted this morning may have sounded like a joke, and it is was, but I was really racing against my washing machine and dryer. It is now 11.56am and I have finished all of the work I have for this week and I am still waiting for the dryer, I have won, a pointless fucking race.

The work was really good this week. If you have followed this blog for a while then you know I write medical blogs, veterinary blogs and stuff about coffee. All of that went really well and it was as interesting as always.

I also got an email yesterday from someone that I do work with regularly who is going to pay me to write whatever I want, that’s what he normally does with me and it is the best gig of the month. He mostly wants angry stuff which is fine, I have a lot of anger in me, and the topic can be anything I feel is right.

I will be doing that one tomorrow so although I have finished all the work that I started the week with, I still have a bit to do but that’s alright, I can hardly call shouting at a piece of paper work!


Thanks for the comment

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