Eye on the prize

Well, last night’s posts on here sounding like I was moaning because I was having a bad time with planning for an article. I was indeed moaning and I shouldn’t have been. I am very lucky that I can get to do what I love to do for a living so I should not complain at all. The reason for this complaint was because I wanted to make sure that this article spoke about the company I am writing it for, while also providing the information that they needed it to. It is a bit of hard work with the first article but after that, it gets easier and easier.

I know that I have to keep my eye on the prize, the prize being a life of living my dream and enjoying it, not getting stressed over little things that I shouldn’t. So, in short, sorry about moaning about getting paid to write, it won’t happen again! Yes, it will happen again, this I know for sure!

Anyway, good morning, may your day be one of focusing on the prize.


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